4 Week Program Description

A Quick Introduction on What to Expect

Welcome, I'm so glad you made it to this page! If you're here, you are probably looking for guidance in your fitness programming and are ready to make big changes. Good news is, you are in the right place! 

I've carefully curated this 4 week program so you can complete it ALL at home. All you will need is a set of dumbbells or resistance bands. Don't let the lack of required equipment deceive you into thinking this program is going to be a cake walk. I won't lie, this program is challenging but if you are a beginner don't let that scare you! You can easily scale this program to different fitness levels with simple changes to weights and, or timers. I have also provided many modifications to the more challenging moves. If you purchase the program with accountability I can further help you personalize modifications based on injuries or fitness level. 

What to expect from this program: 

This program marries strength training and interval training into one effective program. By that I mean you will be strengthening your body while at the same time raising that heart rate. By combining these two elements you create a fat burning environment that helps promote a lean physique. The workouts target all major muscle groups in order to prevent any muscle imbalances and to create a well balanced physique. 

Now lets get into what you get when you purchase your 4 Week Program:

  • 4 Weeks of Workouts

  • 1 Upper Body Focused Workout Per Week

  • 1 Lower Body Focused Workout Per Week

  • 2 Full Body Workouts Per Week

  • 1 Daily Challenge Workout to Complete Every Day 

  • PDF Printout of the Program 

  • Video Demonstration of Exercise Moves 

  • Exclusive Members Only Website Access 

If you choose to purchase the 4 Week Program + Accountability you get everything listed above plus:

  • 2 Video Meetings or Phone Calls to Focus on Goal Setting and Follow Up

  • Once a week check-ins for 4 weeks once you start your program

  • Specific Injury Modifications 

The best part about this is, once you purchase the plan its yours forever! So once you've completed the program you can always do it again later to see if you've gotten stronger, or maybe even have it available for when you go on vacations!

Not sure if this program is a good fit? Check out the 1 Week Trial Under "Plans and Programs." This is a completely free, no strings attached trial. You don't even have to enter in credit card information. I provide you with one week worth of workouts, video demonstrations and a PDF print out.  

**Once you purchase your program you will automatically become a member and you will have immediate access to the workout pages on this site! The program will be found under the "Members" tab. The same goes for if you sign up for the 1 Week Trial, the program will be found under "Members" tab and you will click "1 Week Trial."

I cant wait for you to start your journey!

Much Love,


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