Meal Planning for Vacay

Updated: May 16, 2020

Hey there! We have our family trip to Hilton Head Island coming up and I am so excited! We almost cancelled it due to COVID but ultimately decided to keep our vacation date because we will be cooking most of our own meals or ordering take-out. Also, lucky for us our house is right on the beach so we won't have contact with many other people besides each other!

We will be driving there so I have the luxury of bringing things from home. So I wanted to share a few recipes I will be making ahead of time and meals I plan on eating while there. Obviously, I'm going to enjoy my vacation to the fullest but I like to have a plan to help keep me on track with my goals. So let's get started!

While on vacay, protein tends to be one of the first macronutrients to go to the wayside...hello alcohol and all the YUMMY, not so good for you foods! So a big part of my planning will be contributed to creating healthy protein options. Dinners are pretty much going to be made by other family members and out of my control so I will be going with the flow for those!

Breakfast Ideas

-Egg whites & Toast

-Egg Whites & Better Oats

-Built Bars

-Kodiak Cake Pancakes

-Two Good Yogurt

Lunch Ideas

-Lillie Eats and Tells Chicken Salad- - Will eat this plain or on Daves Killer Bread

-Lillies Cob Salad With Creamy Lemon Basil Dressing- Will eat this at lunch and as an alternative side for a few dinners

-Grilled Chicken- Apple Cider Dijon Chicken- -Will eat this on top of the salads

-Lillies Honey Cilantro Chicken- - Great by itself if you don't want to make the enchilada filling but this is what I used for the enchilada chicken

-Lillies Enchilada Filling- - Will be used for our taco night and to make crunch wraps

Sweet Snacks

-Masons Woodruff's No Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Protein Bites-

-Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

-Rice Cakes with peanut butter or a Bowmar Nutrition Butter

-Fruit with Yogurt Dip (1 Cup Vanilla Twogood Yogurt, 1 Cup Coolwhip, 1tsp orange zest)



-Cold Brew Coffee (made at home)- with almond milk

-Spiked Seltzers


The meals and snacks listed above are just an outline of what my meals will look like but I'm sure will be making changes along the way! Vacations are made to be enjoyed and I will be doing just that. Hope this was helpful for y'all!

Much Love,


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